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The Importance of Replacing Damaged Medical Bed Mattress Covers

For medical professionals, health care providers and caregivers, the replacement of damaged medical bed mattress covers is necessary for ensuring the health and safety of patients. Medical bed mattress covers are responsible for reducing the risk of infection for patients who occupy medical beds in hospitals or at their homes.

A medical bed mattress cover is the protective screen that is placed atop a hospital bed to prevent blood and bodily fluids from penetrating the medical bed mattress. They’re usually water-resistant and especially useful to patients with incontinence. Some manufacturers coat their medical bed mattress covers with a substance that repels germs and bacteria. But regardless of the company that develops and supplies the medical bed mattress covers, they’re all designed to keep mattresses clean. If there is no medical bed mattress cover on the medical mattress, fluids will begin to seep into it. The main result is odors, stains and possible infection caused by the bacteria from the fluids.

For patients, it’s imperative that they have medical bed mattress covers that are in perfect working order when lying on a medical bed. If they’re placed on a medical bed mattress cover that has been damaged by tears, it should be replaced immediately to protect the patient. Medical bed mattress covers don’t all rip at some point, but they wear out overtime and can no longer stop fluids from passing through to the medical bed mattress.

In cases where there’s no apparent damage, medical bed mattress covers should be replaced after a specific amount of time has passed. With extended usage, the medical bed mattress covers lose their effectiveness and won’t be able to prevent liquids from entering the fibers of the medical bed mattress. The exact expiration time of a medical bed mattress cover will depend on the manufacturer.

Medical professionals should know the expected life of the medical bed mattress cover. It wouldn’t be safe to assume that the medical bed mattress cover will last as long as the medical bed mattress. The medical bed mattress may actually last longer, so medical professionals should make it a point to find out the duration of time that the medical bed mattress cover is intended to last from the manufacturer.

Healthcare providers want to keep their patients comfortable and safe, so if they notice any damage or it’s just time to replace a medical bed mattress cover, they can purchase new medical bed mattress covers by visiting Mediquip Home Care at and see our selection of medical equipment and supplies.

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