Portable Ventilator

$13,000.00 Taxes not included

The LTV-950 is a microprocessor-controlled volume/pressure ventilator. Unlike the LP-10 it also has pressure support, CPAP and NPPV

Product Description

It provides assisted or continuous respiratory support for patients unable to breathe for themselves. The LTV-950 is used for adults and well as children; all patients must have a stable tracheostomy in order to be ventilated.

Anyone on continuous ventilation must have a back-up ventilator for emergencies. Many inappropiately referr to it as a respirator.

Those who might benefit from the use of the LTV-950 include anyone with advanced lung disease, neuromuscular disease or spinal cord injury. In addition it is preferred by those who need a lightweight machine since it only weighs 13lbs compared to 50lbs for the LP-10


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