DME Specialist Certification

$2,000.00 Taxes not included

By becoming a CDME, a DME supplier will possess the required technical abilities, knowledge, competency and training to deliver products. In addition, this certification assures patients and their families that they are compliant with policies and procedures.


Product Description

The CDME will allow the distributor to make basic repairs on the equipment, troubleshoot any malfunctions and conduct home inspections for DME products like oxygen, transfer systems, internal supplies and wound care. Trained and certified DME specialists will reaffirm their value by guaranteeing patients that they will be receiving the highest quality of care. A DME certification translates to the patients and their families that the DME supplier is an exemplary referral source of professionalism and expertise at handling all of the products and equipment that they are selling.

The advantages that a DME supplier acquires by becoming a CDME covers a broad scope of benefits. A DME supplier can expect to stand out in the market, become a low risk, set the standard for evaluating potential employees, maximize customer satisfaction and never exhibit fraud, waste or abuse.


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