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Digital Auto-Trak has the ability to recognize and compensate for unintentional and intentional leaks in the system, and to automatically adjust its variable trigger and cycle thresholds to maintain optimum performance in the presence of leaks. No manual adjustments are required.


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Product Description

Data Management:

EncorePro and EncoreAnywhere provide clinicians with easy access to BiPAP S/T ventilator data via wired and wireless connectivity options along with SD card option. This gives you the ability to monitor patient compliance, evaluate ventilation efficiency, and identify trends.

Improved humidification

  • System One Humidity Control – analyzes ambient temperature, relative humidity and patient flow to deliver optimum humidity — and ultimate comfort — to the patient while also dramatically reducing rainout.
  • Dry Box technology keeps– water only where needed; Through a combination of our cleverly-designed water chamber plus the advanced Dry Box design, the risk of water ingress into the device is virtually eliminated – and so are the related callbacks. Even when fully filled,* the water chamber can be tilted or turned upside-down without leaking back into the device. Should any water manage to escape the chamber, the Dry Box prevents it from entering the device.


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