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Mediquip Home Care is Offering DME Specialist Certification (CDME) to Suppliers

New York, February 27, 2017

Mediquip Home Care is expanding the benefits of being a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier by offering Specialist Certification and Marketing services.

Mediquip’s Home Care owner, Sonia Carrero, offers patients and their families a wide array of premium medical products and equipment to alleviate the care giving process. Although she offers direct sales through her company, she has also given other industry professionals the opportunity to sell her products and equipment as independent suppliers. Recognizing that distributors should be better equipped to assist patients and their families, she decided to offer them a DME Specialist Certification (CDME).

The CDME will allow the distributor to make basic repairs on the equipment, troubleshoot any malfunctions and conduct home inspections for DME products like oxygen, transfer systems, internal supplies and wound care. Trained and certified DME specialists will reaffirm their value by guaranteeing patients that they will be receiving the highest quality of care. A DME certification translates to the patients and their families that the DME supplier is an exemplary referral source of professionalism and expertise at handling all of the products and equipment that they are selling.

The advantages that a DME supplier acquires by becoming a CDME covers a broad scope of benefits. A DME supplier can expect to stand out in the market, become a low risk, set the standard for evaluating potential employees, maximize customer satisfaction and never exhibit fraud, waste or abuse.

By becoming a CDME, a DME supplier will possess the required technical abilities, knowledge, competency and training to deliver products. In addition, this certification assures patients and their families that they are compliant with policies and procedures.

To become a CDME, you’ll need to meet eligibility prerequisites, successfully complete the DME specialist candidate exam and promise to uphold ethical standards according to the code of ethics honored by all certified specialists.

Once you receive your certification, you will be required to acquire continuing education credits and stay current with the latest technology and process improvements.

To increase your clientele after you receive DME certification, Sonia Carrero has teamed up with Idalis Bailey of RITMAC, a marketing agency for the health care industry. Ms. Bailey is an accredited marketing professional in the health and wellness field. With strategic planning she will help you grow your distribution list and find better ways to improve your selling approach.

For more information on Mediquip Home Care and become DME certified, Call us (516) 341-0433

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The Importance of Replacing Damaged Medical Bed Mattress Covers

For medical professionals, health care providers and caregivers, the replacement of damaged medical bed mattress covers is necessary for ensuring the health and safety of patients. Medical bed mattress covers are responsible for reducing the risk of infection for patients who occupy medical beds in hospitals or at their homes.

A medical bed mattress cover is the protective screen that is placed atop a hospital bed to prevent blood and bodily fluids from penetrating the medical bed mattress. They’re usually water-resistant and especially useful to patients with incontinence. Some manufacturers coat their medical bed mattress covers with a substance that repels germs and bacteria. But regardless of the company that develops and supplies the medical bed mattress covers, they’re all designed to keep mattresses clean. If there is no medical bed mattress cover on the medical mattress, fluids will begin to seep into it. The main result is odors, stains and possible infection caused by the bacteria from the fluids.

For patients, it’s imperative that they have medical bed mattress covers that are in perfect working order when lying on a medical bed. If they’re placed on a medical bed mattress cover that has been damaged by tears, it should be replaced immediately to protect the patient. Medical bed mattress covers don’t all rip at some point, but they wear out overtime and can no longer stop fluids from passing through to the medical bed mattress.

In cases where there’s no apparent damage, medical bed mattress covers should be replaced after a specific amount of time has passed. With extended usage, the medical bed mattress covers lose their effectiveness and won’t be able to prevent liquids from entering the fibers of the medical bed mattress. The exact expiration time of a medical bed mattress cover will depend on the manufacturer.

Medical professionals should know the expected life of the medical bed mattress cover. It wouldn’t be safe to assume that the medical bed mattress cover will last as long as the medical bed mattress. The medical bed mattress may actually last longer, so medical professionals should make it a point to find out the duration of time that the medical bed mattress cover is intended to last from the manufacturer.

Healthcare providers want to keep their patients comfortable and safe, so if they notice any damage or it’s just time to replace a medical bed mattress cover, they can purchase new medical bed mattress covers by visiting Mediquip Home Care at and see our selection of medical equipment and supplies.

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Available Ambulatory Aids on the Market

As we age, common physiological changes like decreased balance and slower reflexes increase the risk of falling. Once people have reached the age of 65, their risks increase substantially, along with the loss of muscle strength, which can accelerate due to an inadequate amount of exercise. Blood pressure control when standing up or switching positions becomes less effective and may result in dizziness or imbalance. Other conditions like eye disease and osteoarthritis can increase an elderly person’s risk of falling.

Fractures, sprained ankles, hip injuries, drug addiction and heart irregularities can also put patients at risk of falling.

With the assistance of ambulatory aids, the risk of falling is dramatically reduced. These devices help with mobility and act as an extension of the upper body to transmit body weight and support the body when people walk. They provide the assistance that’s needed to maintain balance and reduce the risk of falling. If you have a relative who is elderly or has mobility problems, consider some of these ambulatory aids for them.


Acts as a supportive walking aid and is especially helpful for patients who have difficulty balancing and have reduced upper body strength. For more convenience, patients have a choice of walkers that have more updated features.


Helps to remove weight from the extremities when getting around. It also provides support for people with good upper body strength

Quad cane

Provides stability and support for patients who don’t need the full use of a walker.

Cane or Walking Stick

Helps to facilitate walking and provide support to maintain balance.

Knee walker

Assists with walking by reducing the weight that’s placed on the leg. It’s great for people who have difficulty with crutches or don’t need the full support of a walker.

Trolley Walker

Helps to remove weight from the extremities when getting around. It also provides support for people with good upper body strength

If you’re in need of ambulatory aids visit Mediquip Home Care at and see our selection of medical equipment and supplies.

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We are expanding our services

For Immediate Release

Mediquip Homecare is Expanding It’s Services in Healthcare With Strong Alliances and a New Approach to Customer Needs.

As one of the leading providers of premium medical equipment and first-rate care, Mediquip Homecare has revitalized their efforts. By developing more strategic partnerships, they’re able to offer their extended clientele complimentary resources and access to a full suite of services. These notable achievements are accredited to CEO Sonia Carrero and President William Hill of Mediquip Homecare, whose unrelenting diligence has contributed to increased distribution to government organizations and a more distinct list of healthcare agencies throughout the region. They’re proud to share 30 years of experience in the healthcare market, along with an unyielding devotion to their customers. And this continued dedication has given them the fortitude to stay committed to ensuring a level of high quality living for each of their cherished clients.

Since being founded in 2005 as a MWOSB (Minority and Women Owned Small Business) by New York State, Mediquip Homecare has garnered the support and loyalty of their team of caregivers who not only give compassionate care, but deliver respect and dignity to clients and their loved ones. Their staff includes a board certified perinatal/pediatric specialist and a critical care specialist that can help guide clients on the best home medical care solutions. Each caregiver is subject to a thorough and rigorous background check before they’re considered for employment. Because of these precautions and their obligation to their clients, Mediqup Homecare DME has exponentially increased their customer base by 600%, and the numbers are still rising.

Being immersed in an industry that’s mired with abrupt changes in the healthcare landscape, Mediquip Homecare is developing new programs to alleviate the impact that these disruptions may have on their clients, especially those who are lacking more personalized services. To help implement these modifications, they are pleased to announce a valued addition to their new marketing team, Idalis Bailey, who will serve as DME Marketing & Sales Director. Some aspects of her duties will include offering concierge services to providers, developing new concepts and introducing new marketing strategies. Her 25 years in the medical field, particularly as a registered nurse, MBA marketing and NYS licensed medical esthetician and certified Laser Technician, is an essential attribute that qualifies her as an expert in the medical arena. Her formal training will be instrumental in how she applies specific marketing techniques that will help Mediquip Homecare progress forward.

To improve their communication with a culturally diverse clientele, Mediquip Homecare provides multilingual services, including Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Co-founders of Mediquip Homecare, Sonia Carrero MPA,BS, BA,RT CEO and William Hill RRT/NPS, AE-C, PRESIDENT, are paving the way for clients to receive a maximized level of benefits in healthcare through their exceptional products, services and solutions.

If you want more information on their list of services  Call Willian Hill President 516-341-0433

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We care for you with Love

Our experienced caregivers provide a wealth of services in addition to being extremely friendly and compassionate. We not only support patients, but their families and friends as well. We educate families, giving them the tools they’ll need to provide the proper level of care for their loved ones. We can provide assessments and care plans to assist you and your family, as well. Since we are partnered with several nursing agencies, one call to Mediquip Home Care will make your caregiving worries disappear. We can alleviate your stress and ensure that your loved one receives an exceptional level of care.